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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Weight Loss Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Fat Rapidly

Losing weight can be a significant challenge for those that suffer from obesity. It is important to develop a sense of commitment and patience as sometimes it can take a bit of time to see real results. It is a good idea to stay away from programs that promise you will lose weight overnight with no effort as they generally tend to not work or they can even be dangerous and harmful to your health.

Keep in mind that those people that are thin do things very similarly to each other when it comes to the way they exercise and eat so you can learn a lot from them so do not be shy to approach them and ask for some advice. Here are some strategies you can use to help you lose weight fast.

Write Your Goals Down On Paper

It is important to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish before you start. This is why writing down your goals can be very effective as it helps to keep you on target. All you need to do is decide what weight you would like to be at 1 month, 3 months and then 6 months from now and be sure to be reasonable and shoot for something around a 10 pound loss per month until your ideal weight is reached.

It is also important to know why you are trying to lose weight in the first place. Remember that it will take effort and commitment on your part but it can become much easier if you are strongly driven to pursue your weight goals. Maybe you want to fit into that nice bikini for summer. Maybe you are just tired of being ashamed and embarrassed about your weight. You need to search within yourself to find the real answers and then be sure to write them down too.

Once you have written both your goals and the reasons then all you need to do is check in on these at least once a day. This will help you to stay on track so make sure you do it. It should only take a few minutes at most, even a glance can be effective but do it daily.

Proper Exercise And Diet

You cannot ignore the effects diet and exercise can have to your weight loss goals. When it comes to your diet try to consume less food more often. You want to eat the right amount that fills you up but does not leave you feeling stuffed. Eat once every 3 to 4 hours, sometimes all you may want to eat is a fruit before waiting another few hours for a full meal.

Also make sure you are getting the right kinds of foods in your diet like more fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary to entirely eliminate some of your favorite foods but you do need to keep an eye on portion sizes.

Exercise is also very important in achieving permanent weight loss. You need to do aerobic exercise to help burn calories regularly. Do aerobics for 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes each day. Even just going for a walk outside for an hour can be effective provided the weather is good. You can also join a gym and use their aerobic equipment or buy your own as there are many effective pieces of aerobic equipment, the key is to find one you like and then to actually use it regularly.

Weight training is also very important as it will help to build and maintain muscle mass. Muscle burns calories continuously so it helps to increase your metabolism and will make it much easier and faster. You do not need to weight train everyday, sometimes just one to four sessions a month can be effective. Use some of these weight loss tips to help you get to your ideal weight.

Kelvin is an online researcher, author and a regular contributor to site that shows people how to attain better health and wellness. Be sure to stop by and learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off.

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Burn Fat Better - 2 Easy Ways to Train Your Body to Burn Fat Instead of Carbohydrates

If you could train your body to burn fat better instead of using carbohydrate reserves as its primary fuel source it could be the answer most of us is looking for to get rid of our excess fat.

However, whilst getting your body to burn fat instead of carbs (glycogen) would be great for fat loss, the trick is getting your body trained & into a conditioned state to burn your fat.

Once you get your body into this state, it is fantastic as the weight just falls off and you feel absolutely great.

What you really need to do is trick your body into burning fat by denying its favored carbohydrate fuel for so long that it eventually almost chooses the fat reserves instead of the glycogen in your muscles & liver.

Unfortunately to achieve this takes a bit of physical effort in the form of exercise.

But, before you click away from this article, please understand that embarking on this fat burning program will not only change the way you look but will also make you feel absolutely wonderful, confident and energetic.

How to Trick Your Body Into Burning Fat Instead of Carbs

1. Don't Carbo Load Prior to Exercising If you load up or even take a carbohydrate drink prior to training your body will use this for fuel while you exercise. This is not what you want so start off your training session without pre-loading with carbs as you need to start training your body to burn fat instead of carbs.
2. Train on Water When you exercise don't replenish your body's fuel with energy drinks containing carbs - just use water. It will be hard at first as you will feel fairly fatigued and listless however once your body starts become conditioned to this situation you will start feeling more energetic and stronger. If it becomes to draining not to replenish your energy stores while training then do so in moderation.

Your exercise routines should be done at a low to moderate intensity and over a period of at least 2 hours for it to have any significant benefit.

However if you're just starting out rather do 3 to 4 sessions a week of roughly 30mins a session - at a very low intensity.

Try and do a little more each week and then after 3 weeks take a recovery week without doing much at all - this will give your body a chance to rebuild & get stronger.

Then resume and increase the amount of exercise by about 10% per week.

Therefore, in conclusion, to train your body to burn fat better more efficiently you need to condition your body trick it into using fat as it's preferred fuel source.

PS. - Get all the facts about losing fat and how you can get your body to Burn Fat Better here.

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Lose Weight at Home - Easily & Rapidly Burn That Unwanted Fat Off From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Does it seem like there simply are not enough hours in the day to go out and work on your weight loss at the gym with a personal trainer? Or, maybe that just doesn't sound like a good idea to you at the moment? After all, you have plenty of other priorities to take care of at the house, right? I was just like you. I work at a financial firm in a crowded city where traffic to and from work is often really congested. So, I work long hours, drive long hours, and by the time I get home, I need to get dinner on the table for more people than just me.

This kind of a schedule proved to be too much when I tried to fit in a gym membership. I found myself only being able to go on weekends. The monthly membership fee was not going to go to good use. I had to find a way to shed a lot of weight so I could feel healthy again - and have the energy I need to truly be me day in, and day out. And I absolutely needed to be able to do it all from home.

We are so fortunate to be living in the times that we are. Information about how to lose weight can be found at every which corner around the Internet. But, how much of it is helpful? The truth is - plenty of the information is helpful. And by plenty, I mean that there are just a few gems out there that can actually help you lose weight at home. And as long as there is one excellent piece of advice out there, I would say that is plenty information to get you going.

That leads me to this - the one tip that no one else wants to tell you. Ceasing the consumption of fast food will not automatically lead to weight loss. You probably have heard that it does from countless individuals, but it is a flat out lie. I discovered that my weight gain came from a number of factors that I had the power of changing, not just my stops at McDonald's every now and then.

For example, one of the things I could change was my metabolism. I mixed in a supplement with my daily meals, and I found that I instantly felt more healthy. And, along with the rest of my weight loss plan, I began to lose weight, even with a couple trips to McDonald's here and there.

To find out how I lost 32 pounds in 31 days, which I detailed in My Blog, please click here: Lose Weight Quickly.

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4 Crucial Reasons Why People Do Not Lose Weight! Not Knowing This Will Make it Extra Hard

There are some people who go on a weight loss spree with a vengeance. They pound on the treadmill, do weight training; go on mad cap diets but in the end you see that the weight is still there. What could be the reason behind this weight retention? No matter what we do there are a few cardinal sins that people tend to commit while on a weight loss spree...

Skipping breakfast...Starvation doesn't help at all...

Most people, women in general, tend to skip breakfast or eat too little. This is done with the idea of cutting down calories and expediting the weight loss process.

However, research shows that people who tend to skip breakfast pack on more pounds as the metabolic rate of an individual goes down as the day progresses. Also by skipping breakfast, a person tends to eat more in the next meal thus adding the fat and calories to their body.

A good way to start the day is with a good breakfast that is free of unnecessary sugars and carbohydrates. Whole wheat bread with some egg whites or whole grain cereal with some skimmed milk and fruits will keep your mind clear and will enable you to stay away from sugary treats.

Portion Size...Stop filling yourself up with huge portions...

It is very important to program oneself to eat the right portion. Eating twice in the day and eating huge quantities does not help the weight loss process. You might be eating only soup and salads but eating in large quantities slows the metabolic rate down drastically and does not promote weight loss.

One should try to eat small meals at frequent intervals. Having six small healthy meals a day is far beneficial than eating three large meals in a day.

Keep a strong check on your lifestyle habits...

Your lifestyle is directly proportional to your weight loss. No matter how much exercise you do or what diet you go on, if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle then chances of you losing weight effectively are narrowed down. These lifestyle choices include late nights, consumption of alcohol and eating late.

Late night eating again slows down the metabolic rate and does not give the food enough time to break down. Hence it all accumulates in the form of fat. Alcohol too is a major impediment while trying to lose weight.

Unrealistic expectations...Nothing happens overnight...

Most people tend to shift from one diet or exercise program to the other when they do not see immediate results. This impatience is not conducive to weight loss as an individual must give some time for any program to work. One must remember that since it too k time to pack on those pounds, losing them will take some time too.

The Real weight loss secret-

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Quick Fat Loss Diet Techniques - Boost Metabolism and Get Rid of Fattening Toxins

If you want to lose weight in the shortest time possible in a healthy and simple way and want to keep the weight off for good, then read on and discover how you can achieve this weigh tloss in a natural and safe way without the need to starve yourself or take any diet supplements. If your goal is to lose 10 lbs or 50 lbs you can do it, once you know how.

What does a quick weight loss diet technique entail?

Through a quick weight loss diet you follow through a healthy diet designed by nutritionists to help you lose weight, burn fat quickly and build muscle mass naturally. The trick is to know which weight loss diets works the fastest.

Through a quick weight loss diet, food will become your friend not your enemy. You will be provided with dietary guidelines, detailing which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. You will learn how to use food so that your body can convert it into energy and burn fat quicker thus increasing your metabolism rate. You see, by utilizing a proper combination of carbohydrates, lean protein and fats to help you lose weight, your body will naturally burn fat faster than ever before. You will be provided with a menu which will include recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Another important success factor to a quick weight loss diet is when to eat these meals and how often.

The key to the success of a diet program is to follow through with it and you will notice weight loss in less 10 days, your friends and family will be the first to notice the weight loss, their enthusiasm alone will keep you going. Unfortunately some people will eventually stop or go off the program and start gorging on food only to gain back all the lost weight that they have struggled so hard to lose. Once you begin a diet program your body will get an instant boost therefore increasing your metabolism rate which will play a very important role in burning off the excess fat.

There are a number of successful weight loss diets, many of which you can find online and can cost you anywhere from $20 and upwards. Some will take as little as 11 days to work and some can take as long as 30 days. Do a little research on these before you decide to buy one but I highly recommend it if you are looking for an easy, safe and effective way to lose weight and to keep it off for good.

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The quickest weight loss diet that I highly recommend and have personally used is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Calorie Shifting Diet. I lost an amazing 44 lbs in 2 months using this diet program. I was amazed at what the program entailed and of its high success rate!

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FAT LOSS - The Truth On Fat Loss And How To Achieve It!

Fat Loss in General

This morning I conducted a "search" on the term fat loss. "Fat Loss" and "Fat Loss Supplements", being the most popular, came up with a combined whopping 20128 searches that people had conducted. You think that's mind-blowing? Get a load of this... I then typed in "fat loss" into a popular search engine and - hold onto your hats - 22,500,000 results came up for that phrase! Told ya you'd be shocked! So why is it that fat loss, and reducing body fat, related information and products are so much in demand, yet obesity and being overweight are on the up and up - and are actually at the highest rate ever? With the health and fitness industry booming it seems absurd that this is occurring. What the heck is happening, folks?

Quick Note: Fat Loss is not the same as Weight Loss
Please don't get the two confused. Weight loss is "overall" loss of body weight where Fat Loss is based on reducing body fat.

Temptation and Obstacles Effecting Your Attempts at Fat Loss

The fact is that losing body fat is not easy. We are tempted every day with fatty and sugary foods with super deals of quick easy meals involving drive through access and home delivery. These fast food meals are "fast" and often "affordable" with meal deals for a family of four sometimes costing under $10 - $12. Who wouldn't pass this up! Before you know it, it's the end of the day, the family is hungry, dinner time is drawing nigh and your beat. I can fully understand why people choose this option when our lifestyles are so hectic.

The Alcohol "Social and Relaxation" Temptation

An odd heading for this paragraph, I know, but I needed to draw your attention to the fact that alcohol will not help your fat loss efforts. I know we hear the saying so often that "doctors say that it's healthy to have one or two wines per day", however this is in regards to the properties of red wine assisting in the prevention of clogged arteries - not a fat loss miracle! If red wine is necessary for medicinal purposes and perscribed by a doctor then obviously your health comes first. However the topic here is fat loss...

My views are "everything in moderation". BUT I DO KNOW THAT if you want to make a genuine effort to lose body fat that a couple of alcoholic drinks per day could easily effect your fat loss attempts. So unless your's is the case above then I would seriously think about "cutting back". Just going without those few EXTRA drinks after work or consuming less alcohol at social gatherings can make a considerable difference to how much body fat you lose.

Quit Fooling Yourself

Do not fool yourself by thinking that if you just exercise for one extra session per week you can rid yourself of ALL those extra calorie packed fatty, sugary foods or alchohol. Unfortunately our bodies aren't that easily fixed.

Why Most People Don't Succeed at Losing Body Fat

Other than the temptations mentioned above people tend not to succeed at fat loss because they are either not committed, not well informed on fat loss or they are committed for the wrong reasons. In other words you either aren't abiding by the rules, or have been mislead by some other belief, OR you are trying to lose body fat because you are trying to keep other people happy rather than yourself.

Making Sure You are Trying to Lose Body Fat to Please YOU, Not Everyone Else.

Think about why it is you want to lose body fat. Make sure you really want to put in 100% effort.. You want to feel great about making this decision not obliged to do it. Losing body fat can help increase your self-esteem as well as boosting your health so giving it your best shot with a positive frame of mind is always the "way to go".

Things that You Should Do Before You Get Started!

Being organised with food preparation is very very important. It is exhausting coming home after a long day and realising you have to then magically put something together for dinner (amongst other things) You can bet the children would jump for joy if you offered them Mac's - added bonus... there's no washing up the dishes after dinner either...Sound familiar?

First you may want to make notes on what time of the day, when and where that you will most probably find it the most difficult to stick to this program. If, say for instance, "calling in at the drive thru for fast food on the way home from work or picking the children up" is where you find that you are most likely to go wrong with your eating plan then be prepared for it by making the appropriate changes. eg Having a meal which is already partly prepared in the fridge so that it will only take an extra 10 - 15 minutes to cook.

Re-orgnanising Your Lifestyle - Don't Make it Difficult on Yourself!

Re-orgnanising your lifestyle may be quite a challenge for most people and families. But if you want to succeed at fat loss I am sure you want to be able to do it without tearing your hair out. Your goal is to re-arrange and plan your day so that you, your family and your new lifestyle can run smoothly. Such as planning your low-fat meals and recipes in a diary. Planning your grocery shop with a shopping list to prevent you from buying unnecessary junk food is also a great idea. Pre-preparing meals, making appointments for your exercise time slot etc all needs to be written into your appointment book or diary. You can tick each appointment off as the day progresses. When planning your shopping list remember, that unless you have the time, don't go getting all creative with lowfat banquets etc for lunches and dinner. Choose simple to prepare ingredients and meals.

What Exercise Should I be Performing to Burn Body Fat?

Mostly it depends on your fitness level and if you have any type of injuries, back pain or medical conditions that may affect what you can and can't do. Make sure you check with your doctor first before starting any type of exercise or eating program, so he / she can indicate and provide you with a letter verifying that it is "ok" for you to start exercising and at what level. One more point... If you're attending a gym or purchasing gym equipment please make the effort to ensure that your fitness level is suited to the equipment or program you're performing. If in doubt seek advice from a professional - don't just assume because your next door neighbour or friend does it you can.

Different Types of Exercising for Burning Body Fat

There are plenty of ways to exercise to burn off body fat. Sure cardiovascular exercise via treadmills and indoor cycles are great but if you really want to ramp things up a notch then try using machines that use both your upper and lower body. Why? Because you're exerting yourself further in turn burning off more calories. If you enjoy being outdoors then walking, jogging, running, roller blading - just to name a few - are also great. Finding an activity that suits your body's needs and fitness level is important.

Weight or resistance training is a huge plus when it comes to cutting back bodyfat. Did you know that the more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn? This means that your body can burn more calories day and night - that's right - even while you're sleeping!

To maximise your potential to burn off calories much more efficiently include weight / resistance training AND cardio into your program.

I've included some examples of training routines to give you an idea of a typical program to help combat body fat. For those of you who are genetically gifted with lean muscle and a higher metabolism OR who aren't too keen on getting lean then as low as two cardio sessions per week can be ample.
Click here to view them: Fat Loss Training Routines

The Wrong Program for You: A Common Mistake that Leads to Lack of Fat Loss

Have you ever read a successful fat loss story that you, and everyone else you know, tried only to find that it didn't work that well for you or them? Did you stop to think that maybe the person in the success story had their program specifically designed for their body type, not yours! If you really want to "kick some fat loss butt" you need a program that is designed to suit your body type and fitness level. Don't expect super results from a program that someone else used, remember they may have had a different metabolism, fitness level, body shape and eating program to you, which makes it very difficult for you to reach the same levels of fatloss as they did.

Where to go from here...
After reading this article you should have a greater knowledge of where you may be going wrong with your fat loss or how to get started on a new fat loss program.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Happy Training!

© Mandy Gibbons
Virtual Fitness Trainer

Persons who are of good health, suspect of their health or are aware of any conditions, physical deficiencies or diseases should always consult a physician before undertaking any eating or exercise program. Mandy Gibbons and Virtual Fitness Trainer disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the above program or advice given in this article.

If you're sick of battling the buldge get started on your own kick-butt personalized fat loss program: http://www.virtualfitnesstrainer.com/Burnbodyfatnow. For more tips and advice on eating and training for fat loss click here: http://fatloss.virtualfitnesstrainer.com

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How to Burn Fat Over Sugar Through the Power of Core-Breathing While Working Out at the Gym

There is a key component in your working out at the gym that affects your body to choose to burn fat or sugar as you are working out. The body gets energy in two forms one is sugar and the other is fat, to be burned during your work out and how the body picks and develops that choice will be base on how you breathe during your work out. If one of the main reasons you go to the gym is to burn fat and physical endurance an understanding of the process will aid you in your goals for having clarity will refines your abilities. The body draws from to sources energy fat or sugar, that is in your body or stored in the body. Each source creates a different affect during the work out that creates an effect on your ability to work out in the form of endurance. Burning fat gives the greatest affect for endurance and emotional feeling that you just can keep moving and doing. Fat is stored energy and once you tap into the process of burning fat you just can keep moving and feeling strong. Sugar gives the body fast energy for it process fast and simple but it short on endurance ability for sugar is not stored. Understanding how the two type of energy sources the body uses to burn during work out creates choices and creativeness within the work out and less boredom during work out. Part of boredom during work out is not taping into the most affective energy source to be burned during your work out, for it creates sense of being tired and not feeling your strength. NOTE; check out your breathing pattern and feeling when your bored while you are working out and your stress in your shoulders and what is your mind thinking about.

What determines your body to burn fat or sugar is how you create your breathing pattern and how you create breath physically during your work out for more oxygen in your system actives enzymes in the big muscles of the core to burn fat. What area of the body that holds the largest group of muscle is the core area and that same area holds the largest amount of fat. The power of core/breathing for exercise to burn fat engages both the core movement that affects inhalation and exhalation so the whole core is being used through movement of the muscles. Example is how you are breathing affecting the core area is when you inhale and exhale out your mouth the core is not engaged for it works the upper body. By working the power of core/breathing the whole torso is being used thereby muscles are moving and that is toning affect on muscles so the mind has ability to connect to muscles.

What is the greatest resistance to person using the core and their breathing ability is stress in shoulders and tension in the body muscles. The greater the stress in shoulders the less connection person has to their core muscles ability to move them to affect breathing which affects person emotional connection to the body. There is direct relationship between core movement and shoulders being tight from emotional thoughts that form stress. The more person engages core muscles to start and end their inhalation and exhalation the less stress in shoulders can exist which lets person feel their strength. When the core/breathing is not done your strength is gone and when person starts to breath totally out the mouth you have lost their strength physically and emotionally weaker to direct muscle action. Lowering your shoulder stress before you even start your work out will let person become emotionally and physically engage in the work out faster with more fat burning time during the work out and boredom will not be part of the workout. Boredom is the mental disengagement of what you are doing at the gym physically.

Core/Breathing connection greatly increases the ability to bring in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The key, during exercise, is to breathe with the core muscle area in a certain way that will reduce stress in shoulders thereby enhancing breath range ability.

Training yourself to burn fat while exercising at the gym is a choice if you have the method to execute. It starts with developing the breath and an understanding of the need to breathe before, during and after the gym to gain the most from being at the gym. Getting the body to burn fat is affected by how you create and develop your inhalation and exhalation and by using the core area to start and end the breath range. To have the maximum breath, you must breathe through the nostrils to form strongest core/breathing connection in the workout at the gym. Oxygen levels in the body determine the body choice to burn fat over sugar during physical exercises. Using the core area does three things: one it engages large muscle groups to burn the fat while working out and tones the core muscles. Second lets you have full inhalation and exhalation which affects person endurance ability. The third part is shoulders to be relaxed and less tension in muscles throughout the body so they can be used during the work out far more dynamic. To active the enzymes that burn fat in the core area the muscles have to be moved with a level of oxygen in your system. The body can always go to sugar as source for energy to move muscles but it short lived. The choice is using the whole body during your exercises to first to tone muscles then strength them.

The mistakes people do while they are working out is drinking fluids that have sugar to keep their energy up during the work out that prevents the body from learning to burn fat. The body will burn the sugar and not fat then for the body has to learn and develop its fat burning abilities. Eating protein after you work out and greens, lots of greens before and after work out with lemon mixed in water. Lemon and water mixed is a great work out drink. Keep in mind their are all types of lemons, so picking a good tasting lemon creates a more enjoyable affect. NO fruit drinks after work out they have to much sugar so fat will not continue being burned. You really do not need fruit but water and meat and greens then later on fruit. To burn fat is not about over working out but having a method with working out to burn fat and that is to create endurance and then strength under the direction of the mind to setup and manage breathing and core action within each exercise. To burn fat is about learning to engage the muscle groups that burn fat while at the gym and use them as the primary strength source in exercises.

The body will turn on a dime to burn sugar over fat once the oxygen level drops below a point that is determined by how you breathe during your workout because of not engaging the core area movement which stops the enzymes burn fat. Understanding how to use your core/breathing connection during a workout to affect your oxygen level takes time and mental realization of muscle feeling and changing the stress in shoulders. Fat and sugar are two different types of fuel for the body to burn. Sugar takes less oxygen to start its burning ability and has the affect of lowering endurance within your workout. In highly physical sports, once a person starts breathing out from the mouth, their ability to have endurance goes way down. When the body burns fat, it has more energy to keep moving for fat holds lot of energy to be burned up during workout. Fat is the source of long term energy in exercises and creating method to tap into that source of energy. Your choice is to train the body to burn fat through core/breathing action within each exercise, or to burn sugar.

What determines if the body burns fat over sugar is having the core muscles start the inhalation. It has to come through the nose otherwise your core is weaker in action and you will not bring in as much oxygen. This holds true for exhalation through the nose for it affects the core area in strength releasing the carbon dioxide out of the body so you can get a complete transfer from oxygen to carbon dioxide. How you breathe through your nostrils affects so many functions of the body it is art unto itself.

Simply put, the body needs two things to exist, one is air and the other is what you put in your mouth. How you breathe has an affect on you and what you put in your mouth has an affect on you physically and mentally. Once the body has changed these two components into energy for the body and mind, it starts to get more intricate. It can be helpful for understanding the two basic parts that keep us alive and well.

Here are some tips if you choose to burn fat while at the gym. There are three stages of the core/breathing relationship. An active connection should be developed to create the best period of time to burn off fat while at the gym. The first stage is pre-workout core/breathing action, which is done to increase the level of oxygen in the body and lessen stress in shoulders and connect to the core to form breath and strength action for they go together. Moving the core area to create breathing lets the mind connect to the source of your strength in a more dynamic way.

Here is simple rule: the more you move and use the core area as part of creating your breathing action, the less stress can exist in the shoulders and the rest of the body muscles. It's a very mechanical cause and effect and the mind directs it. Pre-workout breathing and core action training is about 20 minutes, give or take, to bring the oxygen level up and get core muscles ready for the workout at the gym. The older you are the longer pre-workout of the core breathing action helps bring about the fat burning ability of the body.

Stage two is using the breathing from the core during the work out and not using the mouth for inhalation and exhalation. What makes it different is not having stressed or tight shoulders during workout and being engaged with the core during each exercise. Here is a key idea: You should exhale lot longer than you inhale during the work out or any hard physical action. This process engages the fat burning ability of the body.

It's short inhale and long exhale and now here is the part that affects everything in performance and in life. Stress in the shoulders lessens core movement and strength. You cannot create range of movement in the core area and breath range if the shoulders are tight. That is just a fact of life. If the shoulders are holding stress by being up around your ears, your breathing range is short. The rule is this: if the shoulders are tight the breath is short and the core is weak. Changing the level of tightness in the shoulders before a workout increases breathing range during your workout and increases the ability of burning fat over sugar.

It is so important to change the stress in your shoulders before working out so you can have the best range of breath to have the best physical movement. Using the core area, and not the shoulders, while doing exercises will give the best effect. If you choose to burn fat at the gym the mind has to be engaged with what your doing so it can affect breath action and direct muscle action to create internal experiences. Reading while engaging in physical activity is not fat burning; it is breathing and changing stress in the shoulders and relaxing. Reading is good, and it has it's place, but reading while working out does not allow your mind to fully engage in the muscle action.

Stage three POST-WORK OUT BREATH DEVELOPMENT: If you want fat to be burned after a workout, controlling your breathing and creating the full inhalation and exhalation with the core and nostrils is essential. Keeping the oxygen level up so the body can burn fat through continued deep movement of the core/breath connection is a must. But make the choice with understanding. The goal here is keeping the oxygen level up and the shoulder stress down so you can continue burning fat. Not speaking right after a workout and focusing on long exhales by pulling in the belly button and full inhales makes for a much more dynamic workout if the goal is to burn fat.

This program takes an energy point of view (breath development within movement of the core) about burning fat. To have a full range of choices one has to look also at the mental and the physical view points to cover the full range of possibilities for burning fat and enjoying the workout at your gym. This program is directly connected with ideas about how energy works through the core/breath connection, and in conjunction with the mind/body connection while working out at the gym.

Go to http://www.bartleyenergycoach.com for walking ideas for core/breath understanding and doing.

After almost 30 years of learning a Korean form of Qi Gong and finding ways to incorporate the training in everyday life the benefits of the underlining ideas behind its breathing action an core usage and movement of the hands and feet in conjunction with the head. Its about the core/breath connection I have put together and if you go the web site "bartleyenergycoach.com" you can get more information about how basic things from the core action can affect so much in movement of the body.

I have Westernized its understanding in mechanically thinking way. The walking part is about changing ones stress in shoulders and reshaping the body while one is walking to influence how one feels about life and their emotional reality. I develop this out of teaching at drug rehab center in San Diego called CRASH. The program comes from having 30 to 50 guys in one room in different stages of recovery every Monday for 6 years. I have saying "Change your stress you change your emotional reality". If you can not change your stress you can not change your emotions. Stress is real (on energy level) and it starts in the shoulders and it also make the core weak. This is ONLY energy point of view and has to be also in conjunction with mental and physical points of view to create the most affective ideas and ability for the person to enjoy what they are doing in life and be the most positive person they can be.

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

5 Tasty Foods That Help You Burn Fat

When most people think of losing weight, they think of doing some kind of intense activity like running to burn fat off. While exercise is helpful in keeping or obtaining a fit body, it is secondary to what you are putting into that body.

Many people also eat too many carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain. Here are 5 foods that you can start adding into your diet immediately that will help you to lose or keep away unwanted weight. (Think of replacing some unnecessary carbs with these foods):

1. Almonds/Almond butter. This is a great addition to your meals to get some extra fat burning fat, and feel full longer. I tend to snack on almonds often, and the result is higher energy levels, feeling satiated, and a flatter tummy. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity indicates that diet-study participants who ate one serving of almonds daily for six months lost 18% of their body fat. Study participants who had a diet with the same amount of calories and protein but substituted an equal number of calories in complex carbohydrates (from a source like whole grain crackers) instead of the almonds, lost only 11% of their body fat.

2. Avocados. Contrary to popular belief, avocados are extremely healthy and a great food to eat if the goal is to burn fat. They are loaded with essential healthy fats that our bodies need. Typically, health-conscious people will see the guacamole dip and avoid it because of all the fat. Nonsense! You would be better off not having the chips and eating several spoonfuls of guacamole if you are wanting to eat a food that will help you slim down instead of pack on the pounds.

3. Broccoli. I hated this vegetable as a kid, but began enjoying it as an adult, when I decided to eat foods that would give me more energy and help burn fat away instead of junk food. A good way to eat broccoli is to steam cook it and pour olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on it. Yum! With great dietary fiber, nutrients and protein, broccoli stands as one of the most nutritious and healthy foods we can eat.

4. Green Tea. Another amazingly healthy green food. Several studies have shown that drinking green tea boosts exercise-induced weight loss. A new study in the Journal of Nutrition confirms the weight loss benefits and claims drinking green tea also helps the body burn fat - belly fat in particular. Drink up!

5. Coconut Oil. Yes, it's loaded with saturated fat, and common wisdom says this is fattening and will lead to dreaded high cholesterol. This is where common wisdom is wrong! Coconut oil has been shown to help with fat burning with a rare type of fat called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's). MCT's are more suited for energy use rather than fat storage. One study on coconut oil, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrated that the medium-chain fatty acids that comprise coconut oil were threefold more effective than polyunsaturated oils at raising metabolism. Make sure to get high quality, virgin coconut oil- taste and nutritional value will be higher!

Although it is important to eat a balanced diet, keep in mind that it does take some dietary fat to burn fat on the body!

Kevin Koskella is a consultant in rational nutrition and building healthy minds and fit bodies. Most recently, he wrote the book "Healthy Mind, Fit Body" He is also a professional triathlon and Master's swim coach in the San Diego area. For more information on eating fat to burn fat, click here.

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5 Cardio Workouts to Burn Fat

Everything you know about cardio is about to change. You're about to discover the truth about 5 cardio workouts to burn fat and lose more belly fat in less workout time. Let's start by looking at the old, outdated way of burning fat.

Cardio Workout #1 to burn fat: Slow cardio

The first cardio workout to burn fat is "Old School Cardio". For years, we've been fooled into thinking that we need long, slow, boring cardio workouts to burn fat. However, too many men and women slave away on the cardio machines for 40, 60 and even 90 minutes per workout without burning fat. How is this possible?

To be honest, I don't know exactly why it doesn't work, but two recent research studies found that women doing 40-60 minutes of low intensity cardio, 3-5 days per week, did not lose belly fat after at least 12 weeks of cardio. Based on those results, slow cardio is not one of the best cardio workouts to burn fat.

In fact, in one of those studies, researchers tested high-intensity cardio, and found that high-intensity cardio was able to burn fat.

Cardio Workout #2 to burn fat: High-intensity cardio

The only problem is that high-intensity cardio requires you to work as hard as you can until you burn at least 400 calories in a workout. That will take you at least 40 minutes - so while this is one of the better cardio workouts to burn fat, it's still not the best.

A better approach is to use interval training. This is the third cardio workout to burn fat.

Cardio Workout #3 to burn fat: Interval training cardio

In a study from Australia that compared 2 cardio workouts to burn fat, subjects doing 3 interval training workouts per week lost a significant amount of belly fat while another group doing 40 minutes of slow cardio per week did not burn belly fat.

So interval training is a much better workout choice for fat loss. To do interval training, you do a normal warm-up, and then you alternate between hard exercise and easy exercise, then you follow with a cool down. This routine only takes twenty minutes.

Here's a sample of the interval cardio workouts to burn fat. Do a 5 minute warm-up, and then exercise for 1 minute at a pace that is 10-20% harder than your normal cardio intensity. After that 1 minute, decrease your exercise pace all the way down to cool-down level. Repeat that hard-easy cycle 5 more times. Finish with 3 minutes of cool-down.

Cardio Workout #4 to burn fat: Tabata Interval cardio

Since interval training became popular, personal trainers have been looking for other short cardio workouts to burn fat. A study from Japan used something that is known as the "Tabata Protocol", and many trainers believe this is even better than cardio and regular intervals. The fourth cardio workout to burn fat is the Tabata Interval program.

I'm not convinced it is better than regular intervals, but it is a heck of a hard way to do a fat burning workout. After a warm-up, you 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Repeat that 8 times. This fat burning workout takes only 4 minutes!

Cardio Workout #5 to burn fat: Bodyweight circuit cardio

Finally, the fifth cardio workout for fat burning is bodyweight circuit training. Like intervals and the Tabata workouts, bodyweight circuit training is not really "cardio", however, these are the three better cardio workouts to burn fat.

Whatever you want to call bodyweight cardio, here's how it works.

First, you start with a quick, easy bodyweight exercise, such as Jumping Jacks.

After that, alternate between 3 lower-body and 3 upper-body bodyweight exercises, using squats, pushups, lunges, pulling exercises like rows or chinups, split squats, and total body ab exercises like mountain climbers.

Finally, finish off the 8 exercise circuit with a tough total body exercise like jumps, burpees, or running in place. Now that's fat burning cardio!

Those are 5 cardio workouts to burn fat. Only two are "traditional", but those 2 are the longest, and least effective. The shorter fat burning cardio workouts are the best way to burn belly fat fast.

Click here for a sample interval cardio fat burning program that has helped thousands of men and women with weight loss and fat burning.

The Turbulence Training fat burning workouts help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment.

Craig Ballantyne is an expert trainer for Men's Health magazine and Oxygen magazine, and his fat burning bodyweight workouts help you lose fat without any equipment at all.

You have permission to publish this article in your web sites, ezines or electronic publication, as long as the piece is used in its entirety including the resource box, all hyperlinks (HTML clickable) and references and copyright info.

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Lose Weight While You Sleep!!

Fat Burning – Separating Myth From Fact

From Fat-Burning Belts To Fat-Burning Exercise – Help Or Hype?

It is fairly obvious from the non-stop advertisements for fat burning pills, fat burning waist belts, and the myriad of other “instant miracle” products promising a leaner, more muscular you, that fat burning is the newest health rage. But what’s fact and what’s hype?

Can muscle building and fat burning occur at the same time?
You probably have seen ads for various fat burning waist belts and wondered if they really worked. It just seems so easy, doesn’t it? Strap on a belt, forget about fat burning exercise, and watch those firm, beautiful muscles magically appear. Unfortunately, when it comes to fat burning and basic good health, there is just no substitute for a good exercise program. Now, that does not mean joining a high-priced gym and working on a killer “six-pack”. Surprisingly, intense body building does not appear burn any more body fat than low intensity exercise. Burning body fat and building muscle at the same time can actually be nicely achieved with some fairly low-impact exercise.

If the great outdoors is just not your thing, many exercise machines can provide an excellent fat burning workout. Stair climbers offer great resistance training, burning calories while toning up your leg and butt muscles. However, for lower impact and less stress on your knees and ankles, a good treadmill machine may be your best choice. You can set your own pace, burn those pesky calories and fat, and still get a great aerobic workout.

Get Hot With a Warm-Up Routine

So, how should you get started on a leaner, healthier you? Your fat burning workout should always start with some basic warm-up exercise routines. Be very cautious about aggressive stretching, though. Those wonderfully limber runners pulling their legs impossibly up against their backs are probably doing more harm than good. Why? Because muscles need to warm up before they are pliable enough to be safely stretched. Try something simple, like an arm circle or leg swing. You will find your muscles respond better and faster to any exercise, including fat burning, when you start with this type of dynamic stretching.

Your next step in burning fat is consistency. The old saying “no pain, no gain” should actually be “with pain, there is no gain”. You really do your body more harm than good when your workout is so intense that you become a stiff, sore couch potato for days at a time. The key is to listen to your body. Don’t push through the pain, asking your body to do something akin to torture. As physicians, we see countless painful injuries that would have been avoided with a sensible, consistent exercise program. So do exercise and keep your body moving to burn body fat and lose weight, but also be aware of your body’s natural limitations.

Ladies, Tap Into Your Hidden Strength

When it comes to weight and resistance training, men definitely do not have a corner on the market. Women may have smaller body structures than men, but strength is not defined by gender. While most women do not want to look like muscle-bound bodybuilders, the female physique can realize a great deal of benefit in moderate weight and resistance training. Not only does this type of fat burning exercise help your body burn calories and fat, it also is fantastic for healthy bones. Osteoporosis is a very real threat to women, and weight and resistance training effectively fights this crippling disease, keeping you youthful and energetic with healthy, strong bones.

You Are What You Eat

As much as we would all like to believe the hype that says “eat what you want and still lose weight”, the fact is that we all need a healthy diet. Fat and calorie burning exercise cannot be effective if your diet is filled with McDonald’s, Snickers and Cokes. Ask your doctor about a sensible low-calorie diet, and also check into some low-glycemic and low-fat foods. A number of these healthful foods are even high-flavor and completely satisfying! Remember, your body needs a certain amount of calories and fat to function at its best, so never, ever starve it. Instead, watch that unwanted fat melt away when you combine your fat burning exercise routine with a fat burning diet.

So are you ready for a brand new you? With a little bit of willpower and persistence, a beautiful new world of good health, increased energy, and of course, a fantastic, trim body, is within your grasp. Whether you are in your teens or enjoying retirement, you can discover a new zest for life and actually like what you see in the mirror. So get up, get active, and get ready to be amazed!


Drs. Brenda and Erik Slovin are board certified Chiropractic physicians at http://www.SlovinChiropractic.com in Norwalk, Connecticut. Drs. Slovin specialize in teaching people how to get rid of their headache, migraine and neck and shoulder pain, quickly and easily, without the use of pills or surgery.

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Top Foods For Burning Fat

It seems everyone these days is looking for the best foods to burn fat. Just eat those particular foods and see the fat melt away, or so we wish! Of course, it just isn't that easy. But, research does indicate that certain foods seem to help burn fat when used sensibly.

The reasons vary for why some particular foods are better at burning fat than others. Some foods are thought to increase metabolism, some seem to satisfy cravings so that we don't overeat, and still others work wonders because they are rich in Vitamin C or contain lots of fiber. However, most people looking to get rid of fat don't care about the scientific details; they just want to know what works!

Instead of looking at specific foods, let's look at the top categories of foods that tend to burn fat. For instance, some lists of top fat burning foods include cayenne pepper. However, there are several other similar foods that could also be listed such as garlic and mustard, which all fall into the category of spicy foods. Thinking in terms of these broad categories will give more variety in choosing foods to help burn fat.

Here are some of the top categories of fat burning foods:

  • Spicy Foods - we already mentioned foods such as cayenne pepper, garlic, and mustard. Cinnamon and ginger should also be included in this group.
  • Protein - lean meats such as turkey and chicken, very lean red meat.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - best sources are fish, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and sardines.
  • Dairy - low fat and nonfat milk, cheese, and yogurt, eggs, especially egg whites.
  • Fruit - apples and berries, bananas, citrus fruits, especially grapefruit.
  • Green Tea - natural and safe to use, it helps to rev up the metabolism.
  • Water - good for you in so many ways, it's necessary to flush the burned fat out of your system.
  • Vegetables high in Vitamin C - these include broccoli and cabbage, celery, carrots.
  • Soybeans - considered by many to be the newest wonder food, soybeans can be found at most health food stores.
  • Whole Grains - oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads.

The above list is by no means all inclusive. And it has to be said that you can't expect to just eat some of these foods and then sit around while the fat burns away. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. As in all nutrition and dieting programs, a combination of proper diet and exercise is the key to healthy weight loss. But being aware of the food categories that can help burn fat will guide you in adding more of these foods to your diet.

Want to find more easy ways to help lose that weight? Visit author Linda Hinkle at http://www.womenshealthstuff.com/Healthy_Diet_Food_Plans.html to see what thousands of other women are doing. It really does work!

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Top 10 Ways To Burn Fat In 10 Days

Excessive fat stored in the body causes a number of health risks. For instance, a man with excessive fat stored around the midsection is just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of men in America are now fighting obesity or excessive weight. Experts have conducted numerous studies, which indicate that belly fat, specifically in men, is a direct cause of a number of health problems. However, if these men, and women, were to burn fat, the increased risk begins to decline dramatically.

Whether you are a man or woman, it is essential that you start to burn fat to ensure you remain healthy. In this article, we wanted to provide you with the top ten ways to burn fat so you not only have a healthier body, but also feel and look better. Taking care of your body is the best decision you can make and we will show you how.

  1. BMI
    Before you do anything to burn fat, you have to know your BMI or Body Mass Index, which is a means of measuring not weight, but fat. You will find hundreds of BMI calculators online to help. Most people are shocked by how high their BMI really is a great motivator to burn fat and keep it off.
  2. Exercise
    Without doubt, the best ways to burn fat is by incorporating exercise into your daily life. By exercising regularly for a minimum of 30 minutes every day, you will begin to see major changes. Although any type of exercise is beneficial when time to burn fat, aerobics are the best. These exercises would include biking, swimming, jogging, walking, and hiking. In addition, you will gain other benefits such as a healthier heart and lungs.
  3. Calories
    In addition to exercise, to burn fat you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed. For this, simply cut the portions of foods eaten by one-third and one-half if possible. If you find yourself hungry, add more high fiber foods to the diet, which will make you feel fuller.
  4. Fat Burners
    Now, rather than expect supplements to burn fat alone, you need to view supplements more as a tool that aids other methods of burning fat. In other words, along with better diet and exercise, supplements can be highly beneficial in burning fat. In fact, a number of supplements currently on the market target burning fat but unfortunately, many of them do not work. However, one particular supplement that has been studied and proven successful when it comes time to burn fat is called ECA Stack, which is made from caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin. Although effective, keep in mind that through clinical studies, people only burned an extra 150 calories per day, again making fat burners good but only as an aid.
  5. Yard Work and Cleaning
    If you were unable to get to the gym or you find that moderate exercise is difficult, another ways to burn fat is by working in the yard or cleaning house to burn fat. The activity of both is enough to burn fat quite effectively. Spending just one hour raking or gardening, or vacuuming, dusting, and picking up, will make certainly help.
  6. Stairs
    Too often, people will go to work, the mall, doctor's office, and so on, choosing the elevator instead of the stairs. Again, to burn fat, you simply need to change this routine, forcing yourself to go up and down the stairs. If you work in a building with your office on the fourth floor, and you take the stairs every day, within two weeks, you would notice change.
  7. Sports
    This is another best ways to burn fat, because you are giving the body a good workout. Anything such as volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, or bowling, not only helps to burn fat but also calories. Additionally, while you are doing something to burn fat, you are also getting to have fun.
  8. Tea
    Yes, you will have the opportunity to burn fat by drinking certain types of tea. For instance, if you drink caffeinated black or green tea daily, you will lose weight. In this case, the caffeine causes metabolic changes, which helps to burn calories. It has also been determined that drinking tea or even taking tea supplements with a meal help block the absorption of carbohydrates. Of course, both black and green tea is known for their many benefits that go beyond burning fat and calories.
  9. Breakfast
    We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is true. New evidence shows that people who skip breakfast actually have increased body weight. The reason is that skipping breakfast typically leads to higher calorie and fat intake with the evening meal. Therefore, to burn fat and get your body off to a good start, eat a breakfast of egg whites, whole grain toast, oatmeal, and/or fresh fruit.
  10. Low-Fat Dairy
    While calcium derived from low-fat dairy does not help with burning calories, it does discourage body fat. Studies now show that low-fat dairy causes the body to absorb fewer fat calories due to the calcium. Keep in mind that men especially seem to benefit from calcium found in low-fat dairy but it is also beneficial to women.

Want to discover more easy ways to burn fat fast and lose even more weight? http://www.FatBurn4Idiots.com

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How Does Your Body Burn Fat?

Many people want to lose
excess body fat. An increasing percentage of people in our modern
society find themselves overweight. Those overweight folks usually
attempt to remove their excess weight through fad diets and wonder
pills. This leads to failure and frustration.

A better understanding of how the body naturally burns fat can help
those who want to reduce naturally and safely. In this article we will
look at the three sources of calories and how your body uses each source.
We will look at what type of diet best burns body fat safely and
effectively. We will take a look at how exercise helps your body burn fat.
We will look at other factors such as proper rest and stress reduction and
their role in helping you burn body fat. Let's begin with an examination
of the three primary sources of calories and how they affect your body in
burning fat.

In order to answer the question, " How does your body burn fat ? " it is
important to look at the three primary sources of calories. These
sources are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Except for water, protein is
the most plentiful substance in your body. It is the major building
material for the body. Because protein is so important in building and
repairing your body, it is not used by the body for energy when enough
carbohydrates and fats are present.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for you body. They provide us
with immediate energy by combining with the oxygen in our blood.
Fats are the concentrated energy source of the body. They have over two
times the calories per gram of carbohydrates or proteins. In order for our
body to burn fat we need to eat the proper diet.

A diet that will enable our body to burn fat needs to restrict
carbohydrates. The popular low carbohydrate diets are based on this
fact. If the body has no carbohydrates to burn, it next burns body fat.
But, while a high protein and low carbohydrate diet can be helpful in
burning body fat ; it can also have harmful long term effects. Make sure
your diet is not overly restrictive. Make sure you are still getting the
proper nutrients with any diet that restricts carbohydrates.

Any discussion of the question, "How does your body burn fat ?" must
examine the role exercise plays in burning body fat. Once your body is
using body fat as a source of energy, you need to exercise in order to
burn that energy. An increase in physical exercise will help you burn
more body fat. If you want to burn off some body fat, try to exercise

Other factors such as getting proper rest and reducing stress can have
an effect on how your body burns fat. If you are going to follow a
lifetime regimen to manage body fat, it is very important to stay healthy
in all ways. Too much stress or a lack of sleep can lead you away from
the path to a low fat body percentage.

As you can see, the body burns fat when carbohydrates are not readily
available. Carbohydrates are the first choice for energy for your body. Fat is the
next choice as an energy source. Exercise helps you burn body fat
by requiring your body to spend more energy. Proper rest and proper
management of stress help you follow a long term strategy to burn off
body fat.

This is a basic summary answering the question, How does your body burn fat? . But there are many more factors to take into consideration.
Proper nutrition plays an important role in burning body fat.
The choice of the right type of exercise program for you is crucial.
Check out my site for more information on these and other factors
that are important in any strategy to burn body fat. You can burn body
fat safely and effectively if you get the facts on how the body burns fat.

Did you find this article helpful in learning how the body burns fat? If you would like to learn more, visit How To Burn Muscle And Burn Fat and get the free 12 part mini-course and a 40 page report that will skyrocket your fat loss success.

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