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Sunday, 3 January 2010

4 Crucial Reasons Why People Do Not Lose Weight! Not Knowing This Will Make it Extra Hard

There are some people who go on a weight loss spree with a vengeance. They pound on the treadmill, do weight training; go on mad cap diets but in the end you see that the weight is still there. What could be the reason behind this weight retention? No matter what we do there are a few cardinal sins that people tend to commit while on a weight loss spree...

Skipping breakfast...Starvation doesn't help at all...

Most people, women in general, tend to skip breakfast or eat too little. This is done with the idea of cutting down calories and expediting the weight loss process.

However, research shows that people who tend to skip breakfast pack on more pounds as the metabolic rate of an individual goes down as the day progresses. Also by skipping breakfast, a person tends to eat more in the next meal thus adding the fat and calories to their body.

A good way to start the day is with a good breakfast that is free of unnecessary sugars and carbohydrates. Whole wheat bread with some egg whites or whole grain cereal with some skimmed milk and fruits will keep your mind clear and will enable you to stay away from sugary treats.

Portion Size...Stop filling yourself up with huge portions...

It is very important to program oneself to eat the right portion. Eating twice in the day and eating huge quantities does not help the weight loss process. You might be eating only soup and salads but eating in large quantities slows the metabolic rate down drastically and does not promote weight loss.

One should try to eat small meals at frequent intervals. Having six small healthy meals a day is far beneficial than eating three large meals in a day.

Keep a strong check on your lifestyle habits...

Your lifestyle is directly proportional to your weight loss. No matter how much exercise you do or what diet you go on, if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle then chances of you losing weight effectively are narrowed down. These lifestyle choices include late nights, consumption of alcohol and eating late.

Late night eating again slows down the metabolic rate and does not give the food enough time to break down. Hence it all accumulates in the form of fat. Alcohol too is a major impediment while trying to lose weight.

Unrealistic expectations...Nothing happens overnight...

Most people tend to shift from one diet or exercise program to the other when they do not see immediate results. This impatience is not conducive to weight loss as an individual must give some time for any program to work. One must remember that since it too k time to pack on those pounds, losing them will take some time too.

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