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Friday, 1 January 2010

Top Foods For Burning Fat

It seems everyone these days is looking for the best foods to burn fat. Just eat those particular foods and see the fat melt away, or so we wish! Of course, it just isn't that easy. But, research does indicate that certain foods seem to help burn fat when used sensibly.

The reasons vary for why some particular foods are better at burning fat than others. Some foods are thought to increase metabolism, some seem to satisfy cravings so that we don't overeat, and still others work wonders because they are rich in Vitamin C or contain lots of fiber. However, most people looking to get rid of fat don't care about the scientific details; they just want to know what works!

Instead of looking at specific foods, let's look at the top categories of foods that tend to burn fat. For instance, some lists of top fat burning foods include cayenne pepper. However, there are several other similar foods that could also be listed such as garlic and mustard, which all fall into the category of spicy foods. Thinking in terms of these broad categories will give more variety in choosing foods to help burn fat.

Here are some of the top categories of fat burning foods:

  • Spicy Foods - we already mentioned foods such as cayenne pepper, garlic, and mustard. Cinnamon and ginger should also be included in this group.
  • Protein - lean meats such as turkey and chicken, very lean red meat.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - best sources are fish, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and sardines.
  • Dairy - low fat and nonfat milk, cheese, and yogurt, eggs, especially egg whites.
  • Fruit - apples and berries, bananas, citrus fruits, especially grapefruit.
  • Green Tea - natural and safe to use, it helps to rev up the metabolism.
  • Water - good for you in so many ways, it's necessary to flush the burned fat out of your system.
  • Vegetables high in Vitamin C - these include broccoli and cabbage, celery, carrots.
  • Soybeans - considered by many to be the newest wonder food, soybeans can be found at most health food stores.
  • Whole Grains - oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads.

The above list is by no means all inclusive. And it has to be said that you can't expect to just eat some of these foods and then sit around while the fat burns away. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. As in all nutrition and dieting programs, a combination of proper diet and exercise is the key to healthy weight loss. But being aware of the food categories that can help burn fat will guide you in adding more of these foods to your diet.

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